How Does Computer Repair Work?

Buying and maintaining a computer for the office or home can be an expensive process. It is therefore understandable that when a computer stops functioning, most people prefer to repair it as opposed to buying a new one. This explains why computer repair technicians are some of the most well-paid in the industry. As technology advances, it is possible for technicians to repair computers without being physically present simply by logging on to a computer remotely using remote access.

There are two types of computer repair; at the component level and at the system level. The component level repair was mostly used in the earlier periods of computer use. At present, however, it is rarely used due to the increasing cost of equipment and skilled labor and also the high rate at which technology is advancing. When using component level repair, all the components that make up the computer are analyzed to find out which component needs to be replaced. A computer could stop functioning due to a component such as a transistor, which could be easily replaced. However, the problem lies in locating the component that has a problem because the process is very complicated and could take several hours. In the end, the technician may locate the origin of the problem, which could be a transistor. Obviously, this does not merit all the time spent working on the computer and will not cover the technician’s costs.

With computer technology advancing at such a rapid rate, most components become outdated even before their repair processes can be well-honed. Therefore, most manufacturers do not create manuals for the repair of most components since these could be easily replaced. For these reasons, the component repair is no longer used for computer repair. Instead, technicians now repair computers at the system level.

When repairing a computer, technicians can analyze the computer to find out which part has failed. The main parts of the computer that are analyzed are the motherboard, hard drive, DVD drive, monitor, and video card. During the repair, each of these parts is removed and replaced with another working part. If at any point, the computer starts functioning, then the technician will know which part is not working and will replace it with a working one. The technician then returns the good parts of the computer. If however, despite changing all the parts, the computer does not function, then the problem may be a connection and this is fixed by rebuilding the computer using its original parts.

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