How do I build a custom PC?

Building a custom PC allows one to own a system that suits their needs and that can be upgraded at any given time. It also allows one to make the most of their money by building a PC that is in line with their budget. Even though computers are made from many complex components, it is possible to put together these components and come up with a custom PC. These components include the computer case, power supply, motherboard, hard drive, processor, monitor, RAM, CD/DVD ROM/Floppy Drive, modem/wireless card/Ethernet card, and extra fans if one desires. It is essential to be knowledgeable on these components so as to get those best suited to one’s needs.

Once one has the necessary components, the next step is to install them. First, the power supply is installed. Next, the motherboard, which connects all of the PC components, is installed. The power connector is the most vital on the motherboard. One also needs to install the power LED, hard-disk activity light, reset switch, and case speaker cables. The CPU is then mounted onto the motherboard. The fingers should be protected when doing this since the oil from the skin can affect the cooling of the CPU. Most CPUs also have a cooling fan and this; should not be moved once it comes into contact with the CPU surface. Next, the PCI and RAM components are installed into the correct memory slots. In case all the slots are not in use, there should be a module in the first slot as some computers will not boot without one.

The drives are installed next. Though it is not necessary to install a floppy drive, a floppy disk can be used to boot the computer if the hard disk has problems. For hard drives, the main drive should be set as the master and connected to the motherboard through the first IDE channel. After this, one can install other utilities like the modem for internet connection and a network adapter. The installation can then be completed by adding extra ventilation if it is desired. If there are difficulties at the end of the installation, there may be a problem with one of the components or the connections. It is therefore wise to carry out a lot of research on the correct way to install components before building a PC. Though it is a long and hard process, in the end, one obtains a highly personalized PC. Even Michael Dell started Dell Computer by making and selling his own PCs.

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